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R&R is a hub for guys who are serious about the truth and what’s real.  Yes, we are heavy on things that matter most.  We wear it on our sleeves.  Why?  Because the world doesn’t.  And man needs truth more than anything else in the world.  Every one of us need an ounce of truth for the overdose of life that smacks us in the face right about the time we lift our heads off the pillow each day. 


Roar and Rumble may come across as controversial at times.  Why? 

Because the world is overcome with political correctness and mistruths.



And we didn't like the name Meek and Mild as much.   We have ventured so far away from who we were created to be and why we were created that when one of us stands for something, we are perceived as extreme or aggressive or out of touch or bigoted or racist.  Although all of those things exist sadly, most guys in my opinion don’t struggle with these in most cases.  


Each of us were born with a warrior spirit. 


Conquerors in practically every form of the word.  Yet, society tries often to neuter us.  When you step inside R&R, check your pansy at the door.  We don’t play that game.   If we engage in an important topic, we do our best to support it with facts—with truth.  If it’s moral or spiritual—then we are quick to use Scripture as our basis for truth which leads me to another point.  How can we know right from wrong if we don’t have a moral compass?  We believe all scripture is God-breathed.  R&R takes God at his Word.  What reason do we have to believe otherwise?   


R&R is intended to be a place for guys to hangout and leave in better shape than when we arrived.  If you just need to catch up on the latest scores, etc..


R&R is your place. 


If you want to just hang and chat with other fellas, R&R is your place.  But if you want a deep dive into something that is eternal and potentially life changing in your own life, your family’s life, your marriage, your career—whatever it is—R&R is the place.  


The greatest strength of a man is found on his knees.  In God’s eyes, victory is found in surrendering.  See, I told ya.  You don’t hear that in other places.  Man was not created to be weak or even silent most of the time.  Most of us were born with the physical ability to build things and destroy things.  And in many cases, both are used for good.  We should never have to apologize for being men.  Because it is precisely who we were created to be.  


So please..come in.  Take a look around.  Check us out.  If you’re like most of us, it will become a habit.  If you discover something you like, please tell someone.  Just remind them about the house rules.  Real men—or those looking to become one—need only apply.  


Let your soul be heard.  

what is R&R?

Unlike any other community for guys you have ever come across before.

It is a lifestyle with purpose--and meaning.  Because life should be lived on purpose.  We were created with a purpose.  


R&R could be considered a virtual lounge, a place to hang after work or on the weekend, a men’s support group, a resource for inspiration and hope, or whenever you need a break or a refuge from the world even if it’s for a few minutes.  

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